Hello, I'm Reachy!

Open source interactive robot to explore real-world applications

Meet Reachy

A unique open prototyping platform

Reachy makes AI & robotics accessible to researchers, innovation professionals and creatives.

Create your own real-world interactive and service applications. Get started right away.

Reachy provides basic modular robot blocks: jump straight into the application you wish, start prototyping.

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Research & Development

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Events & Experiences

Be a pioneer

Build your own application,
take Reachy into the real world.


Expressive head for interaction

The head is animated by Orbita, a technology developed internally. This ball joint actuator allows unpreceded dynamic and multi-directional movement. 
With animated antennas, Reachy can convey many emotions to his audience (happy, sad, excited...).

Humanoid arm
for object manipulation.

With 7 degrees of freedom, Reachy’s arm features similar dimensions, proportions and movement as in an adult human arm. It can manipulate objects as heavy as 500 grams.

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Modularity to make a robot you will love

Reachy is powered by Luos and comes in modular parts you can combine according to your needs.

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Open source platform to develop your interactive applications

Reachy can be easily programmed in Python and offers ready-to-use operational environments (playing noughts and crosses, serving coffee, playing musical instruments, handing out specific objects,...). 

He is also fully customizable with open hardware, software and data!

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Reachy pricing options

Reachy is available in 3 configurations

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