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 We provide incredibly fast and reliable robotics tools to make your ideas a reality

The Unity for Robotics.

Focus on the application, not on the technicalities.

Jump start your robot

Transform your ideas into real robots now! 

Thanks to plug’n’play hardware assests, you can create a first robot in minutes.

Incredibly fast iteration cycles

Be sure to build a product people wants!

Our modular and easy-to-use tools enables continuous iteration with users in real conditions.

From prototype to production

Our core technologies scale from protyping to production, they are reliable and cost-efficient.

Choose your target audience and volume, then ship your product!

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Made by us

Discover the amazing robots we made with our unique tools
(for our clients and our own projects)


Bio-inspired 7-Dof prothestic arm with an articulated hand


A modular edutainment arm robot programmable with Scratch 3.0

Living lamp

Smart and animated Ikea suspension lamp


Dynamic quadruped robot for entertainment

Jean: a lazy desk

Smart sit/stand desk that adapts its height accroding to the user


A simple robot that spread your marketing message in public spaces


An adventurous robot that help you in your kitchen

New robot in progress

Hint: I’m old and famous

Have your own robot !

Whether you want to use our robots or build your own, we can help 😉

Who We Are?

We are a team of experts in each of the Robotics specialties. We are PhDs and engineers with a strong background in Design, Mechanics, Electronics, Computer Science, AI and Cognitive Science. This allows us to quickly develop application driven robots perfectly suited to their tasks.

Before creating Pollen Robotics, we initiated the Poppy Project within the Flowers Lab at Inria Bordeaux.

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Come to our Robotics Meet’up !

We are organizing the Aperobot Bordeaux Meet’up. It’s an opportunity for the local community to meet, show demonstration of new projects, and of course drink beer and wine!

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