We build accessible & open source technologies for the real world!

For new technology to have a positive impact transparency and cooperation matter. Back in 2013, we started with Poppy, the first 3D printed open-source humanoid robot and since then we have been dedicated to creating open source, open science and open data products.

We work with scientists, artists and innovators to explore usages and make the robotic revolution an available opportunity for everyone.

Meet Reachy,
our crack-a-smile open-source and fully teleoperable robot
Starting at €8,990

Reachy is awesome when it comes to interacting with people and manipulating objects. It is built with prepackaged AI and modular robotics so you can kickstart any real-world application.

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Reachy robot say hello

If they say so, it must be true, right?

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The robot, being open-source, is capable of so much more. Developers can use Python to create myriad applications for the system

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CES has never been a great show for serious robotics. Pollen Robotics certainly stands out from that crowd, offering a robotic torso named Reachy.

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Honestly, I just want Reachy at home to play games with. Forget marketing stuff, let's just have robots for games!

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Raspberry Pi-Powered Reachy Robot Can Grab Almost Anything, Including Your Heart.

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Say hello to Reachy – a humanoid robot that you’re likely to love to bits when you first set eyes on it.

Got an idea?
Let’s make it happen.

Whether you want to turn Reachy into the next Masterchef or you want to make it to the moon, we would love to hear about your project.

We train and support you in getting started with the robot and benefiting from its full potential. We develop custom applications for Reachy to fit in the environment you want to test.

Augustin Crampette producting a reachy robot
Pollen company members

Meet the people behind the robots

It’s not just about good looks, it’s also about the spirit. Our vision is that the company should work for and benefit the people and the world, not the other way around.

We value honesty, integrity, humility and we believe that treating people right is the only good way to do business.

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Reachy now runs ROS!

We are being compatible with ROS 1.


We are releasing Reachy 3D models for creative people

Get a new character for your adventure


In need for some AI/robotics exploration but no access to a physical robot? No problem.

We are introducing a new easy-to-use Reachy simulator