Simon Le Goff working with reachy robot

From the Lab to the real world

Pollen Robotics was founded by Matthieu and Pierre, two former developmental robotics lab researchers in the Flowers team from the reknown French research center Inria.

Working together for more than 10 years, Pierre and Matthieu have always been motivated by making robots accessible and useful in the real world. This goal led them to several worldwide sucesses such as Poppy, the first 3D printed open source humanoid robot.

What we do

User interaction is at the heart of our design: our robots are able to evolve in a complex and unconstrained world where man-robot understanding and mutual acceptance are necessary.

We bring simple, elegant and user-friendly design to our customers so they can stay focused on their own applications of AI robotics.

People producing a reachy robot in Pollen Robotics workshop


Pollen Robotics is driven by making the society a better place for humans. It's not nice words written on our toilet wall, it's actual actions we take every day :

  • We make our knowledge and technologies freely accesible to everyone under open source license.
  • We design our product to be durable and reparable, our planet is already full of trash.
  • We produce locally and with conditions that respect the workers.
  • We foster open-source development by offering a 50% discount on our services for open source project.
  • We make our service 100% free for open source projects protecting the environment.
  • We refuse any military funding, sorry pewpew guys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • We trust our people: employees are autonomous and free to work the way they prefer. We encourage our team to take the time to learn new skills.
Pollen Robotics's members going to surf Nazare big wave

Our team now

We are a growing team of talented people working together to create new usages in the real world with robots and AI.

Co-Founder & CEO image
Matthieu Lapeyre
Co-Founder & CEO

Lovely robot designer

Co-Founder & CTO image
Pierre Rouanet
Co-Founder & CTO

Software architect for simple yet powerful robotic API

Business Development Manager image
Elsa Kervella
Business Development Manager

R&D Engineer image
Augustin Crampette
R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer image
Simon Le Goff
R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer image
Gaëlle Lannuzel
R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer image
Steve N'Guyen
R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer image
Jérémy Laville
R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer image
Rémi Fabre
R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer image
Fabien Danieau
R&D Engineer

Product Management image
Simon Revelly
Product Management

Chief Laziness Officer image
Chief Laziness Officer

Dog version of Jeff Lebowski

You want to join us?

We have no open position right now, but situations change fast in a startup. Do not hesitate to contact us and share what you have achieved.

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