We are Pollen Robotics.
We make open source robots
for real-world applications.

At the start of it all...

Pollen robotics was founded in 2016 by Matthieu and Pierre, two former developmental robotics lab researchers from the Flowers team at reknown French research center INRIA.

With more than 10 years of experience in AI and robotics, as well as great successes such as Poppy, in 2019 Pierre and Matthieu created Reachy, an accessible platform for exploring AI and robotics.

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What we stand for

User interaction is at the heart of our design: our robots are able to evolve in a complex and unconstrained world where man/robot understanding and mutual acceptance are necessary

Pretty much everything we make is open-source. Open software, open hardware, open data...We aim to foster knowledge-sharing in the community to kick-start the AI revolution

We bring simple, elegant and user-friendly design to our customers so they stay focused on their very own application of AI robotics

Who we are today

Pollen Robotics is a team of 4 people, all based in Bordeaux (France) :

Matthieu Lapeyre
Co-founder & CEO
Ph.D. Robotics Design INRIA

Pierre Rouanet
Co-founder & CTO
Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence INRIA

Augustin Crampette
Production & Research engineer

Elsa Kervella
Business Development Manager

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