The open-source humanoid robot arm REACHY

Beautiful, Easy-to-use, Versatile, Open Source
Human-size robotic arm for your robotic applications!

Upgrade your project with a full-size humanoid robot arm!

Reachy is a unique humanoid robot arm with a high level of mobility.

Both right (Reachy) and left (Leachy) arm configurations are available.

Easy programming

Create advanced mouvements in minutes by demonstration or via our simple Python library. Now creating eye-pleasing movements is a piece of cake.

Open Source

Customize as you please. Fully open source design, both software (LGPL) and Hardware (CC BY-SA) powered by a Raspberry Pi 3. Shape the robot as you need it to be!

Modular design

Choose between many hand types, grippers, or tools! If we don’t have the one you want, we can even design one customized to your needs.

Advanced Control

Equipped with direct and inverse kinematics model for precise positionning and planning. Reachy knows how to move its hand to any point within its reach.

Smooth mechanics, smooth motions !

High quality motors and clever mechanical design
is our recipe for precise and smooth mouvements.

Close view on the shoulder of the robotic arm Reachy

Features : Built to perform

Reachy is the result of years of experience and a relentless focus on performance, user experience, and neat design.
3D illustration of the open-source and programmable robotic arm Reachy


Reachy weights only 1,4 kg. It is easy to set-up, anywhere, and safe for human-robot interaction.

Full-scale bio-inspired arm

With 7 degree-of-freedom, Reachy matches the dimensions, proportions and mobility of an adult arm.

High quality motors

Animated by all-in-one smart actuators developed for powerful and flexible robotic movements.


Ethernet & Wifi. We provide a REST API to control and monitor Reachy from anywhere in the world.


Nothing to install on your computer. Reachy is functional out-of-the-box, start controlling it from your web browser!

Comes with a camera (Option)

Need Reachy to perceive its environment ? It comes now with a pivoting camera with nice performance and design!

Need more technical information?

2 Different packs : with and without camera !


You receive a fully assembled and tester Reachy. Ready to use out of the box !


Shipped within 3 weeks


7490 €
Excl. Tax


A fully functional Reachy and a head with vision sensor.


Shipped within 3 weeks


9990 €
Excl. Tax

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3D illustration of the programmable robotic arm Reachy with OpenBionics Hand

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Do you need a different hand, specific dimensions, or additional movements ? We can make it happen!